Internal Collaborations

Collaborations with IIT Departments at the central labs in Genoa

Neuroscience and Brain Technologies Dept.: in vitro development and testing of high-mobility transistor based transducers (M. Dal Maschio), and nanostructured metallic microelectrodes arrays by means of focused ion beam technology (L. Berdondini).

Nanochemistry Dept.: effect of nanoparticles on neurons, photonic behavior of octapod superstructures and modeling of semiconductor nanocrystals (L. Manna); in vivo high-resolution TEM imaging of metal NPs (A. Falqui).

Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept. – iCub Facility: development of soft tactile sensors for robotics (D. Ricci, G. Metta).

Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept.: implementation of tactile actuators for visually impaired persons and neurorehabilitating tools (G. Sandini, L. Brayda).

Drug Discovery and Development Dept.: development and application of multiscale computational methods (A. Cavalli, W. Rocchia).

Nanophysics Dept.: development of advanced imaging tools for nanotoxicology (A. Diaspro).

Collaborations with IIT Centers

Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Health Care of IIT@CRIB (Napoli): development of a sensing array for detection of pollutants and pathogens in liquids; in vivo nanoparticles tracking ; development of Gadolinium polymeric nanoparticles for diagnostic tools (P. Netti).

Center for Space Human Robotics of IIT@PoliTo (Torino): testing and patterning of biocompatible, water-resistant parylene coatings; development of materials and devices for energy harvesting and bioMEMS technology; ink-jet printing of monodispersed, water soluble AgNPs (F. Pirri).

Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems of IIT@UniTn (Trento): nanoparticle based transduction and wireless transmission of neuronal signals, development of optogenetics tools (F. Pisanello, J. Assad).

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