Outreach 2010

  • Organization of Micro and Nano Engineering 2010 Conference, Genova Sept 19th-22nd. International experts and more than 700 scientists reported on state of the art results on the most advanced micro and nanotechnologies applied to consumer electronics, medicine and industrial applications.
  • Organization of the "FILOSE workshop on biomimetics", Valkla Rand, Estonia June 29th - July 2nd.

Outreach 2011

  • Participation at EU Robots Festival, Science Museum, London Nov 1st – Dec 4th. Set up of an interactive booth in collaboration with partners of FILOSE (Robotic FIsh LOcomotion and SEnsing) EU research project, showing the different ways of perceiving of robots and animals respect to humans.
  • Participation and organization of ITS-NANO - "Intelligent Testing Strategies for Engineered Nanomaterials" (www.its-nano.eu) on-line kick off meeting, March 1st. The EU a project funded on the theme NMP.2011.1.3-3 and deals with intelligent testing strategies for nanomaterials impact and exposure - towards regulation and clustering of materials.

Upcoming Events

ITS-NANO International Conference
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