Mohamed Emara

PhD Fellow


Mohamed Emara received the degree of B. S. with First Class Honours in Electrical Communication and Electronics Engineering from University of Greenwich, London, UK, in 2009. He is a R&D Engineer with +8 years of research experience in multidisciplinary projects. 


Currently, he is working toward the Ph.D. degree in Engineering of Materials and Structures, and Nanotechnology at University of Salento (Università del Salento), Lecce, Italy. His present research focuses on wireless stimulators and probes for optogenetics in vivo stimulation in untethered transgenic mice. 


Wireless Optogenetics Stimulation 

Selected Publications

Pisanello, F., Mandelabaum, G., Pisanello, M., Oldernburg, Ian., Sileo, L., Markowitz, J., Peterson, R., Della A., Haynes, T., Emara, M. S., Spagnolo, B., Datta, S. R., Sabatini, DeVittorio, M. Dynamically controlled light delivery over large brain volumes through tapered optical fibers. Nature Neuroscience, 2017

Sileo, L., Pisanello, M., Della Patria, A., Emara, M. S., Pisanello, F., & De Vittorio, M. (2015, 5-9 July 2015). Optical fiber technologies for in-vivo light delivery and optogenetics. 2015 17th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON).

iit Publications

2017 Dynamic illumination of spatially restricted or large brain volumes via a single tapered optical fiber
2015 Optical fiber technologies for in-vivo light delivery and optogenetics