The Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies (CBN) is a center of excellence of the Institute of Italian technology (IIT) located in Arnesano (LE). Its multi-disciplinary vocation is expressed in the idea of merging several research areas such as applied bio- and nanotechnologies, microsystems design and fabrication, new materials and technologies for optics and photonics for the realization of innovative projects in the field of:

  • clean energy production and renewable
  • advanced diagnostics and non-invasive monitoring of biometric data from wearable devices
  • nanomedicine and optogenetics

The total staff of CBN has about 60 people. The scientific area (researchers and PhDs) is represented by about 89% of the staff. The Institute participates in several multi-years program funded by Europe for frontier research (framework: H2020) and from Apulia region (framework “Smart Specialization Strategy Regione Puglia - SmartPuglia 2020”).

Research activities are in the following areas: