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Vivian Suzano Medeiros

Affiliated Researcher
Dynamic Legged Systems
Research center
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Barros L. G. D. d., Cid A. L. M., Domingues J. D., Medeiros V. S., Pessin G., Becker M.
An Adaptable Paw Design for Quadruped Robots Operation in Mining Environments
2023 Latin American Robotics Symposium (LARS), 2023 Brazilian Symposium on Robotics (SBR), and 2023 Workshop on Robotics in Education (WRE), pp. 224-229
Conference Paper Conference
Andrade J. P. T. d. S., Medeiros V. S., Kubrusly A. C.
A Simplified Automatic Impedance Matching Network for Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers
2023 7th International Symposium on Instrumentation Systems, Circuits and Transducers (INSCIT), pp. 1-6
Conference Paper Conference
Andrade J.P.T., Bazan P.L.F.C., Medeiros V.S., Kubrusly A.C.
A Simplified One-Parallel-Element Automatic Impedance-Matching Network Applied to Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers Driving †
Automation, vol. 4, (no. 4), pp. 378-395
Article Journal
Pavani A., Medeiros V.S.
Following Up on the Examination of Accesses to Educational Resources in a Blended Learning Flipped Classroom Controls Course
Lecture Notes in Educational Technology, pp. 106-115
Book Chapter Book Series
Ferreira A.R.S., Medeiros V.S., Ayala H.V.H., Meggiolaro M.A.
Hierarchical control in skid steer mobile robots with nonholonomics constraints
2023 31st Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, MED 2023, pp. 299-304
Conference Paper Conference