Fabio Della Sala

Affiliated Researcher
Coordinator of the CBN Compunet Project


Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies Via Barsanti
+39 0832 1816 221


1998: Graduated in Electronic Engineering (Tor vergata, Rome)

2000: Visiting scientist at the Lehrstühl für Theoretische Chemie, Technische UniversitätMünchen (Germany) in the group of Dr. A. Görling

2001: Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering (Tor vergata, Rome)

2002-2004: tenure-track CNR-INFM Researcher at the National Nanotechnology
Laboratories (Lecce, Italy)

2004-2010: Researcher at CNR-INFM

2010: Visiting Professorship at IRIS-Adlershof, Humboldt Universität, Berlin

since 2009: Coordinator of the Platform Computation at IIT-CBN

since 2011: Senior Researcher at CNR-NANO


 ERC Starting Grant, DEDOM, 2008-2013

Selected Publications

156 publications, h-index=39 , >5600 citations


Top Italian Scientist (VIA-Academy)


Selected IIT publications:

(2013)  Y. Xie, L. Carbone, C. Nobile, V. Grillo, S. D’Agostino, F. Della Sala, C. Giannini, D. Altamura, C. Oelsner, C. Kryschi, P.D.Cozzoli Metallic-like Stoichiometric Copper Sulfide Nanocrystals: Phase-and Shape-Selective Synthesis, Near-Infrared Surface Plasmon Resonance Properties, and Their Modeling ACS Nano 7 , 7352 (2013)

(2012) L. Chiodo, L. A. Constantin, E. Fabiano, and F. Della Sala, Nonuniform Scaling Applied to Surface Energies of Transition Metals, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 126402

(2011) F. Della Sala, S. Blumstengel, F. Henneberger, Electrostatic-field-driven alignment of organic oligomers on ZnO surfaces, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 146401

(2011) L.A. Constantin, E. Fabiano, S. Laricchia, F. Della Sala, Semiclassical Neutral Atom as a Reference System in Density Functional Theory, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 186406

(2010) S. D'Agostino, F. Della Sala, Active Role of Oxide Layers on the Polarization of Plasmonic Nanostructures, ACS NANO 4, 4117


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Highly cited publications:

(1999) Effects of macroscopic polarization in III-V nitride multiple quantum wells
V Fiorentini, F Bernardini, F Della Sala, A Di Carlo, P Lugli
Physical Review B 60 (12), 8849    cit=395  

(2001) Efficient localized Hartree–Fock methods as effective exact-exchange Kohn–Sham methods for molecules
F Della Sala, A Görling
The Journal of Chemical Physics 115, 5718    cit=310 

(2007) Synthesis and micrometer-scale assembly of colloidal CdSe/CdS nanorods prepared by a seeded growth approach
L Carbone, C Nobile, M De Giorgi, F Della Sala, G Morello, P Pompa, M Hytch ...
Nano letters 7 (10), 2942-2950    cit=498   

(2006) Metal-enhanced fluorescence of colloidal nanocrystals with nanoscale control
PP Pompa, L Martiradonna, A Della Torre, F Della Sala, L Manna, M De ...
Nature Nanotechnology 1 (2), 126-130    cit=356    

(1999) Free-carrier screening of polarization fields in wurtzite GaN/InGaN laser structures
F Della Sala, A Di Carlo, P Lugli, F Bernardini, V Fiorentini, R Scholz, JM ...
Applied physics letters 74, 2002    cit=238     

(2000) Spontaneous polarization and piezoelectric field in GaN/Al_ {0.15} Ga_ {0.85} N quantum wells: Impact on the optical spectra
R Cingolani, A Botchkarev, H Tang, H Morkoc, G Traetta, G Coli, M Lomascolo ...
Physical Review B 61 (4), 2711    cit=173

(2005) Bright White Organic Light‐Emitting Devices from a Single Active Molecular Material
M Mazzeo, V Vitale, F Della Sala, M Anni, G Barbarella, L Favaretto, G ...
Advanced Materials 17 (1), 34-39    cit=182

(2001) Tight-binding approach to time-dependent density-functional response theory
TA Niehaus, S Suhai, F Della Sala, P Lugli, M Elstner, G Seifert, T Frauenheim
Physical Review B 63 (8), 085108    cit=149   

(2003) Organic single-layer white light-emitting diodes by exciplex emission from spin-coated blends of blue-emitting molecules
M Mazzeo, D Pisignano, F Della Sala, J Thompson, RIR Blyth, G Gigli, R ...
Applied physics letters 82, 334    cit=106

(2002) Asymptotic behavior of the Kohn-Sham exchange potential
F Della Sala, A Görling
Physical review letters 89 (3), 33003    cit=96   

(2002)The asymptotic region of the Kohn–Sham exchange potential in molecules
F Della Sala, A Görling
The Journal of chemical physics 116, 5374    cit=85

(2007)  Numerically stable optimized effective potential method with balanced Gaussian basis sets
A Heßelmann, AW Götz, F Della Sala, A Görling
The Journal of chemical physics 127, 054102    cit=91

(2008)  Determination of band offsets in heterostructured colloidal nanorods using scanning tunneling spectroscopy
D Steiner, D Dorfs, U Banin, F Della Sala, L Manna, O Millo
Nano letters 8 (9), 2954-2958    cit=106

(2009) Electrostatic spin crossover effect in polar magnetic molecules
N Baadji, M Piacenza, T Tugsuz, F Della Sala, G Maruccio, S Sanvito
Nature materials 8 (10), 813-817  cit=79