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Baghramyan H.M., Ciraci C.
Fluorescence quenching in plasmonic dimers due to electron tunneling
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Free electron harmonic generation in heavily doped semiconductors: the role of the materials properties
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Holographic Manipulation of Nanostructured Fiber Optics Enables Spatially-Resolved, Reconfigurable Optical Control of Plasmonic Local Field Enhancement and SERS
De Luca F., Ciraci' C.
Impact of surface charge depletion on free electron nonlinearities in semiconductors plasmonics
Physical Review Letters
Article in Press Journal
De Luca F., Ciraci C.
Impact of Surface Charge Depletion on the Free Electron Nonlinear Response of Heavily Doped Semiconductors
Physical Review Letters, vol. 129, (no. 12)
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Modulating plasmonic nonlinearities through surface charge depletion in heavily doped semiconductors
Poster Conference
Ciracì C., Baghramyan H., Khalid M., Della Sala F.
Quantum Hydrodynamic Theory for Plasmonics: from Molecule-Coupling to Nonlinear Optics
4th International Conference on Frontiers in Plasmonics and Nano-Photonics
Abstract Report Conference
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Second-harmonic generation from singular metasurfaces
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Toward plasmonic neural probes: SERS detection of neurotransmitters through gold nanoislands-decorated tapered optical fibers with sub-10 nm gaps
Advanced Materials
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Electron Beam Induced Deposition of plasmonic nanopillars on nanometric tapered optical fibers for optical characterization of single plasmonic structures
47th International conference on Micro and Nano Engineering
Conference Paper Conference
De Luca F., Ortolani M., Ciraci C.
Free electron cascaded third-harmonic generation
2021 15th International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena, Metamaterials 2021, pp. 114-116
De Luca F., Ortolani M., Ciraci C.
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Influence of the electron spill-out and nonlocality on gap plasmons in the limit of vanishing gaps
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