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Piccardo M., de Oliveira M., Policht V.R., Russo M., Ardini B., Corti M., Valentini G., Vieira J., Manzoni C., Cerullo G., Ambrosio A.
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de Oliveira M., Piccardo M., Ambrosio A.
Tailoring vortex light sources with planar optical devices
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Conference Paper Conference
De Oliveira M., Piccardo M., Eslami S., Aglieri V., Toma A., Ambrosio A.
Radially and Azimuthally Pure Vortex Beams from Phase-Amplitude Metasurfaces
ACS Photonics
Piccardo M., de Oliveira M., Toma A., Aglieri V., Forbes A., Ambrosio A.
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