Optical and Electrical Characterization lab

The Optical and Electrical Characterization lab of CBN is devoted to the characterisation of optical and optoelectronic devices. It is an open-source / open-hardware infrastructure, allowing for the implementation of complex opto and optoelectronic measurements in both the visible and infrared spectral range.

The person in charge for the lab is Dr. Ferruccio Pisanello

Direct laser writing two-photon lithography system

The system is meant to perform two-photon polymerization (2PP) on the non-planar surface of tapered optical fiber. It consists an UV and near IR laser that can be alternatively used for laser ablation or 2PP. It is equipped with a 4 four axis stage to allow the optical fiber to rotate and move during processing. The system is driven in LabView and is open source, open hardware.

Slice Scope Scientifica

For routine lab inspection and characterization of optical fiber, the Scientifica Slice scope allows to investigate the properties of the photonic devices developed in the different research activities.

Custom confocal microscope

Our custom miscopy system allow the user to setup the instrument to better match its experimental needs. It is equipped with: visible and infrared lasers to perform confocal and multiphoton imaging, descanned and non-descanned detectors, time-correlated signal photon counting modules, a spinning disk unit, and a multi-input and multi-output spectrometer. This configuration allows to characterize the properties of tapered optical fibers for optogenetics, enabling the measurement of both the emission and the detection light fields. The system is open source, open hardware.