CBN best paper award 2016

CBN best paper award is an internal CBN competition among CBN junior researchers publishing as first author. The award will be granted to the highest impact factor in the solar year.

..and the winner is: Praveen Pattathil

Praveen Patthathil is a PhD student carring on his research in Photo-Electrochemical Technologies for Energy Efficient Dynamic Windows

Praveen won the prize with his work: "Self-powered NIR-selective dynamic windows based on broad tuning of the localized surface plasmon resonance in mesoporous ITO electrodes" published on Nano Energy journal.

Due to their extremely large surface-to-volume ratio, the localized surface plasmon frequency of doped semiconducting nanocrystals can be dynamically and reversibly tuned through by regulating their surface electron density, namely by creating an accumulation/depletion layer at the interface with a suitable electrolyte.

Praveen and coworkers profitably exploited the plasmonic features of chemically engineered transparent conductive nanocrystals to implement a new generation of dynamic glazing elements which can intelligently resonate with the external environmental conditions and selectively control the intensity of incoming thermal radiation without affecting the window's transparency.
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