CBN Open Day 2017

CBN - Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies - opens the doors to students and researchers wishing to visit the exellence of italian research in the Lecce's area.

CBN offers great opportunities for students and researchers who wants to develop their scientific studies and skills in applied science and technology at the micro and nanoscale. State of the art scientific facilities and a multi-disciplinary environment to reach your challenging goals.

open day 2017

24 May 2017

The Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies develops micro and nanotechnologies and functional materials applied to energy, ICT and life-science with a specific focus on medical and diagnostic devices, tools and bioassays. The aim is to generate advancements and innovative technologies for monitoring of health, wellness and sport performance by epidermal/transdermal, wearable and implantable probes and devices. In collaboration with clinicians and neuroscientists, the developed technologies allow to provide early diagnostics and warning for chronic and acute pathologies, to identify source of illness and disorders by real time monitoring of relevant physical and biochemical data and correlation with nutrition and lifestyle.

PROGRAM (Start 10am and 4pm):
Welcome and introduction to CBN - M. De Vittorio, CBN Coordinator
Research Activities:
- Wearable sensors and Energy Harvesting - M. De Vittorio
- Optics and photonics for neurotechnologies - F. Pisanello
- Nanoplasmonics: from fundamental physics to future technologies - C. Ciracì
- From theoretical physics to Nanophotonics: Plasmonics over Maxwell - S. D'Agostino
- Nanoparticles for (bio)-technological applications - R. Fiammengo
- Photoelectrochemical systems for solar energy conversion and shielding - M- Manca
Questions and Answers
Visit to Laboratories

For safety reason the number of partecipant is limited. Please register at this link:

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