Mariam Barawi

Post Doc
Postdoc Research


  1. Development of colloidal metal Oxide-Based nanostructures with Tailored Crystal Structure and Geometric To be exploitable in Photoelectrochemical devices. Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) Lecce, Italy.(May 2015- Actually)
  2. "Nanostructurated materials for solid-state hydrogen storage" European Union Proyect:  COST-Action MP1103. Jan. 2012 - Dec. 2015. Project Manager: Dr. A. Montone. Italy.
  3. “Sistema Solar Hidrógeno: Materiales para la Fotogeneración de hidrógeno y Acumulación en hidruros metálicos.”Ministry of Science and Innovation. Spain. Jan. 2012 – Dec. 2014. Project Manager: Dr. J.F. Fernández. Spain.

Selected Publications

1. C. Sánchez, E. Flores, M. Barawi, J.M. Clamagirand, J.R. Ares, I.J. Ferrer. Marcasite revisited: Optical absorption gap at room temperatura. Solid State Communications. In Press. 2016.

2. Praveen Pattathil, Roberto Giannuzzi, Antonio Qualtieri, Mariam Barawi, Michele Manca. Widely Tunable Localized Surface Plasmon Scattering in Mesoporous ITO Electrodes. MRS Advances. 2016.

3. M. Barawi, I.J. Ferrer, E. Flores, S. Yoda, J.R. Ares, C. Sánchez Hydrogen production by visible light and an earth abundant photocatalyst: Pyrite (FeS2). Submited to Journal of physical chemistry C. 2015.

4. Joshua O. Island, Robert Biele, Mariam Barawi, José M. Clamagirand, José R. Ares, Carlos Sánchez, Herre S.J. van der Zant, Isabel J. Ferrer, Roberto D’Agosta, and Andres Castellanos-Gomez . Titanium trisulfide (TiS3): a 2D semiconductor with quasi-1D optical and electronic properties. Submited to Scientific Reports. 2015.

5. Aday J. Molina-Mendoza, Mariam Barawi, Robert Biele, Eduardo Flores, José R. Ares, Carlos Sánchez, Gabino Rubio-BollingerNicolás Agraït, Roberto D'Agosta,*, Isabel J. Ferrer,* andAndres Castellanos-Gomez. Electronic Bandgap and Exciton Binding Energy of Layered Semiconductor TiS3. Advanced Electronic Materials. Volume 1, Issue 9, September 2015.

6. M. Barawi, E. Flores, M. Ponthieu, J.R. Ares, F. Cuevas, F. Leardini, I.J. Ferrer, C. Sánchez. ydrogen Storage by Titanium Based Sulfides: Nanoribbons (TiS3) and Nanoplates (TiS2). Journal of Electrical Engineering 3 (2015) 1.

7. M. Barawi, E. Flores, I. J. Ferrer; J. R. Ares; C. Sánchez. Titanium trisulfide (TiS3) nanoribbons for easy Hydrogen evolution by using visible-light. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 2015, 3, 795.

8. Joshua O. Island, Mariam Barawi, Robert Biele, Adrián Almazán, José M. Clamagirand, José R. Ares, Carlos Sánchez, Herre S.J. van der Zant, José V. Álvarez, Roberto D’Agosta, Isabel J. Ferrer, and Andres Castellanos-Gomez. TiS3 transistors with tailored morphology and electrical properties. Advanced Materials. 2015 27, Issue 16 , 24, 2595–2601.

9. E. Flores, J.R. Ares, A. Castellanos-Gomez, M. Barawi, I.J. Ferrer, C. Sánchez. Thermoelectric power of bulk black-phosphorus. App Phys Lett. (2015). 106, 022102.

10. M. Barawi; I. J. Ferrer; J. R. Ares; C. Sánchez. Hydrogen Evolution Using Palladium Sulfide (PdS) Nano-Corals as Photoanodes in Aqueous Solution. Appl. Mater Interfaces 2014, 6, 20544−20549.

11. Antonio Pascual, Satoko Yoda, Mariam Barawi, José M. Clamagirand, José R. Ares, Isabel J. Ferrer, and Carlos Sánchez. Iron Pyrite from Iron Thin Films: Identification of Intermediate Phases and Associated Conductivity-type Transitions. J. Phys. Chem. C. 2014, 118, 26440−26446.

12. Island, J. O.; Buscema, M.; Barawi, M.; Clamagirand, J. M.; Ares, J. R.; Sánchez, C.; Ferrer, I. J.; Steele, G. A.; van der Zant, H. S. J.; Castellanos-Gomez, A. Ultrahigh Photoresponse of Few-Layer TiS3 Nanoribbon Transistors. Adv. Opt. Mater. 2014, 2, 641–645.

13. M. Barawi, C. Granero, P. Díaz-Chao, C.V. Manzano, M. Martin-Gonzalez, D. Jiménez-Rey, I.J. Ferrer, J.R. Ares, J.F. Fernández, C. Sánchez. Thermal decomposition of non-catalysed MgH2 films. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2014) 39, 9865-9870.

14. M. Barawi, J.M Clamagirand, M. Ponthieu, S. Yoda, J. R. Ares, J. Bodega, I. J. Fernández, I. J. Ferrer, F. Leardini, C. Sánchez. El sistema energético solar hidrógeno: semiconductores para fotogeneración de H2. Revista de la Real Sociedad de Física Española, (2013, Review).

15. I.J. Ferrer, J.R. Ares, J.M. Clamagirand, M. Barawi, C. Sánchez. Optical properties of titanium trisulphide (TiS3) thin films. Thin Solid Films. (2012) 535, 398-401.


- May 2014. Grant student membership from the ETD Division of The Electrochemical Society to assist at ECS Orlando meeting 2014. - Dec. 2013. Grant for a Short Term Scientific Mission. “Synthesis, characterization and multifunctional properties of titanium sulfide nanoribbons: Energy storage and conversion”. Equipe de Chimie Métallurgique des Terres Rares (CMTR) Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux. Paris, FRANCE. Funding: COST ACTION mp1103. “Nanostructure materials for solid state hydrogen storage”. - February 20123- May 2015. Pre-doctoral Research Contract by the MAT2011-22780 MINECO project (Ministry of Economy and Finance) for the completion of the doctoral thesis at the Autonomous University of Madrid Faculty of Sciences, on MIRE group under Prof. Isabel Jimenez Ferrer supervision. - Sep 2008 – July 2009. ERASMUS fellowship. Universitá degli Studenti di Perugia, Perugia, ITALY.