Maria Pia Cipolla

PhD student

Former colleague


+39 0832 1816 277


Maria Pia Cipolla was born on December 3th in Termini imerese (PA). She received her bachelor degree in Chemistry from the University of Palermo (A.A 2010/2011) with thesis work on experimental studies of kinetic and structural properties of complexes between block copolymers and cyclodextrins (at the Department of Physical Chemistry).
She received a Master degree in Chemistry (A.A 2012/2013)  from the University of Palermo discussing a thesis work about the design, construction, characterization and coating of  solar cells based on organic bulk heterojunction  on flexible support (at the Department of Physics and Chemistry) . Since February 2014 she's a PhD student of the Energy Platform at the Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies  of IIT@UNILE.