Massimo Melis

PhD Student Fellow


Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies Via Barsanti 11 - 73010 Arnesano (LE)


Massimo Melis is a mechanical engineer specialized in materials engineering and nanotechnology at University of Salento, in Lecce.
He achieved a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering (2016) with a thesis work concerning the performances improvement for a pellet boiler for the energetic certification. After bachelor degree, he continued his education in University of Salento and he achieved the Master's Course in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology with honour; during this period, he has started an academic internship on silk fibroin biomaterials from Bombyx Mori and right now he works in a fellowship program in IIT-CBN, his main activities concern the fabrication of gel electrolyte used for smart electrochromic windows.
He is really passionate about Material Science and Nanotechnology and their properties.


Nanotechnologies material science biomaterials smart materials astronomy