Riccardo Scarfiello

Ph.D. Student

Former colleague


via bari 30


Back group in Chemistry of materials and photochemistry where I received my graduations. I mostly did my research experiences in synthesis, starting with organic to more recently inorganic (colloidal semiconductors nanocrystals or nanooxides) with related characterizations (TEM,UV-Vis-Nir, DLS, ICT, FTIR). 

Selected Publications

Conference: R. Scarfiello, C. Nobile, T. Sibillano, R. Giannuzzi, C. Giannini, T. Sibillano, M. Manca, G. Gigli and P.D. Cozzoli.  “Shape-Tailored WO3-x nanocrystals for novel multifunctional photoelectrochemical devices”, EMRS’s 31st, European Materials Research Society 2014, Lille (France), 26-30 Maggio 2014