Sara Sergio

PhD Student


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IIT Publications

  • 2018
  • Sergio S.iit, Lemma E.D., Coluccia A.M.L., Spagnolo B.iit, Vergara D., Maffia M., Pisanello F.iit, De Vittorio M.iit

    B-catenin nuclear relocation links 3D mechanical cues to cell growth and invasion in epithelial breast cancer cells

    69th SIF National Congress, Italian Physiological Society
  • Lemma E.D.iit, Sergio S.iit, Spagnolo B.iit, Pisanello M.iit, Algieri L.iit, Coluccia M.A., Maffia M., De Vittorio M.iit, Pisanello F.iit

    Tunable mechanical properties of stent-like microscaffolds for studying cancer cell recognition of stiffness gradients

    Microelectronic Engineering, vol. 190, pp. 11-18
  • Saponaro C., Sergio S., Coluccia A., de Luca M., la Regina G., Mologni L., Famiglini V., Naccarato V., Bonetti D., Gautier C., Gianni S., Vergara D., Salzet M., Fournier I., Bucci C., Silvestri R., Passerini C.G., Maffia M., Coluccia A.M.L.

    β-catenin knockdown promotes NHERF1-mediated survival of colorectal cancer cells: implications for a double-targeted therapy

    Oncogene, pp. 1-16
  • 2017
  • La Regina G., Bai R., Coluccia A., Famiglini V., Passacantilli S., Naccarato V., Ortar G., Mazzoccoli C., Ruggieri V., Agriesti F., Piccoli C., Tataranni T., Nalli M., Brancale A., Vultaggio S., Mercurio C., Varasi M., Saponaro C., Sergio S., Maffia M., Coluccia A.M.L., Hamel E., Silvestri R.

    3-Aroyl-1,4-diarylpyrroles Inhibit Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cell Growth through an Interaction with Tubulin

    ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol. 8, (no. 5), pp. 521-526
  • Lemma E.D.iit, Spagnolo B.iit, Sergio S.iit, Pisanello M.iit, De Vittorio M.iit, Pisanello F.iit

    Confocal imaging characterization of two-photon lithography microstructures for cell cultures

    17th International Conference on Nanotechnology - IEEE NANO 2017
  • Lemma E.D.iit, Spagnolo B.iit, Rizzi F.iit, Sergio S.iit, Pisanello M.iit, De Vittorio M.iit, Pisanello F.iit

    Two-photon Lithography Fabrication of 3D Stiffness-gradient Microscaffolds for Cancer Cell Invasiveness Studies

    43rd Micro- and Nanoengineering International Conference