Hiq-nano the art of producing nanoparticles

HiQ-Nano provides highly monodispersed and stable nanoparticles, with a low batch-to-batch variability, accurately characterized for their shape, size distribution, charge, and agglomeration state.
Our mission is to guarantee excellent nanoparticles and related technologies to our clients, allowing researchers and industries to face with the exceptional properties of nanomaterials.
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OptogeniX develops, produces and sells new devices to deliver light into the brain with revolutionary versatility and minimized invasiveness, overcoming the limitation of devices currently available on the market.
The proprietary design of OptogeniX probes provides a unique approach for optogenetics experiments, allowing for uniform large-volume illumination and spatially addressable multi-point light delivery with extremely thin and sharp optical fibers.
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Piezoskin designs, produces and sells an innovative device able to generate electrical energy through air and fluids flows.
Our technology is based on a flexible matrix of mini piezoelectric flags generating electrical energy (each flag generates power in the order of μWs-mWs) through the deformation induced by air/fluid flows even at very low speed.
This innovative renewable energy device might contribute to generate electrical green energy using environmental sources, decreasing the usage of fossil fuels and consequently CO2 emissions.
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