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Ahsan Noor

PhD Student
Computational Nanoplasmonics
Research center
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Noor A., Damodaran A., Lee I.-H., Maier S. A., Oh S.-H., D' Orazio A., Ciraci C.
Plasmonic Enhancement of Second-Harmonic Generation with film-Coupled Nanopatch Antennas
The 11th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics
Poster Conference
Noor A., Damodaran A. R., Lee I. H., Maier S. A., Oh S.-H., D'Orazio A., Ciraci C.
Plasmonic Nanopatch Antennas as a Doubly Resonant Platform for Mode-Matched Second-Harmonic Generation
2021 Fifteenth International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena, pp. 305-307
Conference Paper Conference
Noor A., Damodaran A., Lee I.-O., Maier S. A., Oh S.-H., Ciraci C.
Mode-matching enhancement of second-harmonic generation with plasmonic nanopatch antennas
ACS Photonics
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