Computation Lab

The Computation Lab at CBN offers high-end computing solutions for both CPU- and memory-intensive workloads.

The person in charge for the lab is Dr. Cristian Ciracì

The lab is equipped with the following systems:


a HPC cluster server. It has 20 nodes with Nehalem X5570 (8 cores and 24 GB RAM each node) and 4 nodes with Intel E5-2670 (16 cores and 128 GB each node).


an advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) system designed for compute-intensive, fast algorithm workloads. It is equipped with 12 Intel Xeon Gold 6132 CPUs (14 cores each) for a total of 168 cores and 2.4TB of cache-coherent shared memory (RAM) physically interconnected by 8th generation NUMAlink cables for extreme bandwidth (853.33 GB/s of bisection peak bandwidth) and low latency.