In the Material Processing and Characterisation Lab all the processes related on materials deposition onto substrates and devices are setup. The laboratory spans among metal thermal depositions, AlN piezoelectric sputtering depositions and Parylene conformal coating of 3D complex devices and MEMS.

The person in charge for the lab is Dr. Francesco Rizzi

Parylene Coater

The Parylene Deposition System Model 2010 is a vacuum system used for the sublimation and subsequent deposition of Parylene onto a silicon wafer (or another vacuum compatible substrate). Up to three 4-inch wafers, or one 6-inch wafer can be processed at one time.

Magnetron Sputtering Kurt J Lesker

The LAB 18, by Kurt J. Lesker, is a reactive magnetron sputtering system. The system has a three guns vacuum process chamber, which allows both confocal and co-sputtering processes. The system is equipped by different power generators (RF, DC, DC-pulsed) including the possibility to apply a bias voltage to the substrate. One gun is parallel to the substrate and two guns are designed for confocal sputtering. Coating Materials are: Aluminun, Molybdenum, Titanium, Copper, Silica.

Thermal evaporator and Gold sputter coater for sample preparation

Two metal coaters are installed in the laboratory. The thermal evaporator allows the deposition of thin films of metals (currently: Gold, Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium, Silver). The machine can accommodate up to four crucibles, while sample holder suits for wafers up to 8" size.
The Gold Sputter Coater enables and improve the imaging of samples in the electron microscope, it deposits thin layer of gold to make samples conductive.

Glove Box

The glovebox maintains atmosphere levels of less than 1 ppm oxygen and moisture with an inert gas purification system that is fully automatic and regenerable. Samples and devices threatening to oxidize will be stored inside. The glovebox is equipped by its own thermal evaporator.

Solvent chemical Hoods and Ultrasonic homogenizer

Solvent chemical Hood for solid sample cleaning and preparation of samples for coating. Inside, it is placed an ultrasonic homogenizer fully enclosed in a sound abatement chamber with a clear plexiglass door and integrated power controls for treatment of liquid solutions.

Contact Angle Analyser

System solution for analysis of wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces: dynamic and static measurement of the contact angle, measurement of surface free energy.

Dynamic mechanical analysis

The Q800 utilizes state-of-the-art, non-contact, linear drive technology to provide precise control of stress, and air bearings for low friction support. Strain is measured using optical encoder technology that provides unmatched sensitivity and resolution. With its unique design, the Q800 easily outperforms competitive instruments and is ideal for high-stiffness applications, including composites.

d33 Piezometer Analyser

A PiezoMeter System, for direct, point contact and surface testing of piezoelectric materials and devices