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Mohammadiaria M., Scarpa E., Spagnolo B., Pisanello M., Bianco M., Balena A., Pisano F., Andriani MS., Massimo De Vittorio., and Pisanello F.
Toward photo-patterned Organic electrochemical (OECT) transistor on a Tapered fiber for recording and stimulation of neurons
7th International Workshop on Technologies for Optogenetics and Neurophotonics - OPTOGEN2022
Conference Paper Conference
Karatum O., Mohammadiaria M., Eren GO., Yildiz E., Melikov R., Srivastava SB., Nizamoglu S.
Nanoengineering InP quantum dot-based photoactive biointerfaces for optical control of neurons
Frontiers in Neuroscience
Sekerdag E., Karahuseyinoglu S., Mohammadiaria M., Tas Y., Yasmin O.
Three‐dimensional neuron–astrocyte construction on matrigel enhances establishment of functional voltage‐gated sodium channels
Journal of Neurochemistry
Article Journal
Mohammadiaria M.
MOHAMMAD MOHAMMADI ARIA Electrophysiology Measurements for Studying Neural Interfaces
Electrophysiology Measurements for Studying Neural Interfaces, Publisher: Elsevier
Book Book
SB Srivastava., Melikov R., Mohammadiaria M., UM Dikbas., S Nizamoglu.
[PDF] from aps.org Band alignment engineers faradaic and capacitive photostimulation of neurons without surface modification
American Physical Society
Article Journal
Mohammadiaria M., Srivastava SB., Sekerdag E., Dikbas UM., Nizamoglu S.
Perovskite‐based optoelectronic biointerfaces for non‐bias‐assisted photostimulation of cells
Advanced Materials Interfaces
Article Journal
Mohammadiaria M., Erten A., Yalcin O.
Technology advancements in blood coagulation measurements for point-of-care diagnostic testing
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
Article Journal
BahmaniJalali H., Mohammadiaria M., Dikbas U., Sedat Nizamoglu.
Effective neural photostimulation using indium-Based type-II quantum dots
ACS Nano
Article Journal
Kumar B., Sadeghi S., Melikov R., Mohammadiaria M., and Sedat Nizamoglu.
Structural control of InP/ZnS core/shell quantum dots enables high-quality white LEDs
Article Journal
Mohammadiaria M., Irajizad A., Astaraei F., Shariatpanahi P., Sarvari R.
Ethanol sensing properties of PVP electrospun membranes studied by quartz crystal microbalance
Article Journal